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Prado Inc.Corporate Philosophy

Like a wind blowing over the grassland,Prado, Inc. brings you fresh impressions.We create new life styles with horse riding through various business projects.

Since horse riding and equestrian have not been so popularized yet in Japan compared to U.S. and European countries, most of equestrian items and apparels in Japan are imported. Because of the fact, people in Japan often have difficulties finding their sizes and designs they like from imported items.

Prado, Inc. was established to satisfy horse loving people’s needs for obtaining more fashionable equestrian items easily.

We not only wholesale equestrian items from top horse riding brands of all over the world as a certified distributor, but we also sell items directly to the end-users. In addition, we develop our original brand, and we also provide IT support to horse riding industry, such as riding clubs. Prado, Inc. promotes horse riding, one of the greatest sports, by developing various business models.

"Prado" means grassland in Spanish.

Hundreds of years ago, culture of horse riding along the Eurasian "glass trails" was introduced into Japan. We will continue giving our customers fresh impressions like a wind blowing over the grassland.